Friday, October 7, 2011


I've got to readjust my sleeping schedule.

Once again, I set the clock radio to go off at 6:30 a.m. so I could get up for work, figuring listening to the local radio station was a lot more pleasant way to wake up than the shock of that dreaded buzzer.

Maybe not. First thing I hear is the news -- and it certainly isn't good news. This guy's dead; this child is kidnapped; the economy is in the toilet and they are marching on Wall Street. What happened to a little motivational good news that might prompt me to feel good about life and actually make me want to rise from my slumbers?

Instead, I just pulled the pillow over my head as I dreaded getting up and facing the day.

As both a feature writer and an editor, I am always looking for some good news to write about or place on the page to offset the bad. Laying out pages in the newspaper, I look for fun stories to balance out the grief ... but sometimes I can go through the entire AP wire without coming up with anything. I know it's like any good novel and conflict makes for an exciting story, but come on, people. There must be something good happening out there.

Maybe I should plan getting up so it's not on the half-hour and right at news time, or maybe it's time to put that old clock radio back on the buzzer setting.

It can't be any more harsh than the news.

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