Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just realized I never completed this two-parter, leaving all of my faithful blog readers hanging impatiently awaiting the word on how my un-Valentine's Day outing went.

In case you've forgotten, I organized a night out for some fellow V.D. orphans since I'm really not in the position to entertain a more serious relationship right now. We planned a grand time at an area V.D. dinner party, and as usual I was going to do a story on it and call it work, but then Old Man Winter came along with an ice storm and curtailed our plans.

So I sat home and watched a video on the computer. Yeah, I know ... I should have made up a better story. Like many of my evenings, fact doesn't often match the fun of fiction.

Stay tuned as I expect to actually get out and around in the spring! And then the adventures will really start anew...  

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  1. Cool idea! A Wednesday wing night where you make the circuit of wing places in Madison County might be fun. Call the column series - Wing Nut Nights! LOL