Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ah, it's almost Valentine's Day -- time for flower buying and card sending and candy gifting.

None of which I will be doing this year.

Is it because I refuse to buy into the corporate mentality surrounding the holiday as perpetrated by the Money Man, in just another commercial attempt to make me empty my wallet? That's something I can do easily enough without the M-Man's help.

Or maybe it's just that I'm single, and have been for some time now, so I don't have a recipient for any of that aforementioned boondoggle giving. Well, I always say if I was a woman I wouldn't date me. It could be because I'm really not all that good at sustaining relationships (yes, I can admit it!) and I have the divorce papers and lawyer and child support bills to prove it. What the heck -- if I was a woman I wouldn't marry me, either, so I certainly don't blame my ex. Plus her new hubby is pretty cool.

But I look around at these people getting all upset about not having a loved one on Valentine's Day and that's what I find really sad. I say, turn the event into some "me" time. Take that cash you might have put towards an expensive night on the town and blow it on something just for yourself. Even better, you can do what I'm doing ... find some other Valentine's Day orphans and get together for a night out.

Thanks to the social outreach of Facebook, I put out the invite to all my FB friends to join me, and actually got a few women and even a guy to respond (and I shudder to think of whom I have the most in common with out of those friends ... Roy, I love you too but just not in that particular way). Plans are coming together for a fun Monday night out with my buddies, including my buddy-recently-promoted-to-my-boss, so stay tuned.

I could be the making of a Valentine's Day evening to remember, just without any hanky panky. If I was a woman I wouldn't ... uh, never mind.

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