Friday, September 3, 2010

Look, ma, I've got a blog!

     Ever read a newspaper article and marvel at how a story is composed and crafted? Ever wonder exactly how that particular tale came into existence? No? Well, anyways, now you can discover the little-known, behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of a newspaper writer -- guaranteed as accurate and truthful as hyperbole allows -- with Hot Scoops With Sprinkles on Top. The Hot Scoops is self-explanatory ... the quest is never-ending for a unique story that will both educate and enthrall the readership in this business. The Sprinkles part is obvious for anyone who knows my modus aperandi. If you've got an event that includes ice cream (or chicken wings, another staple of my journalism diet) you can count on me inviting myself out for a sample, then doing a story on it and calling it "work."
     So stay tuned for the truth behind the tales, as we explore the world of Open Mike.
     To be continued next blog. 

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