Saturday, September 25, 2010

Driving Me Crazy

     Now that my baby Samantha is 16 as of Sept. 10, it's time for that moment of maturity so many teens wait years for -- the privilege of driving! Thanks to the wealth of information on the Internet, she studied the laws of the road for a couple of weeks leading up to the fateful day at the Madison County Department of Motor Vehicles (even though we live in Oneida County -- obviously they aren't too choosy who goes there) on Sept. 24, 2010 and aced the test with 100 percent! Looks like she inherited not only my good looks but my smarts as well.

      Brand-new permit in hand, she took the car keys, started up Captain Cavalier, and headed off to the streets of Wampsville for the 45 minute ride back to Taberg. But suddenly it hit me: I never really taught her how to drive ... maybe it was a bit too early to have a new chauffeur? What the hey; let's roll, Kato. I'll teach you along the way. And dig my note-perfect Rob Halford vocal impersonation on "Breaking The Law" -- I can hit those high notes when I'm scared out of my mind.

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