Sunday, December 5, 2010


It was a great evening of fatherly pride as both of my high school-aged daughters were on stage Dec. 2, 2010 at the Camden High School's National Honor Society induction. The event was made even more special as NHS President Gabrielle, 17, welcomed sister Samantha, 16, as a new member that evening before the audience of a couple hundred people, also including their mom Laurie Semo, step-dad Jeff Semo, and kid sister Hannah.

(Gabrielle, left, and Samantha stand in front of the National Honor Society banner Dec. 2, 2010 following the induction ceremony at the Camden High School in Camden, N.Y.)

Watching Gabrielle on stage at the podium as she ran the ceremony, directing her fellow students and the adult participants as well, made me both misty and amazed as I saw how she had blossomed far beyond the shy and quiet youngster of only a few years ago. Was that really my little Gabby up there? It was hard to process the image I saw as this person I used to hold in my arms as a baby seemingly transformed overnight into a young woman.

(Gabrielle strikes a majestic pose at the podium during the National Honor Society induction ceremony.)

    (The ceremony was a real family affair as the girls were joined by their cousin and fellow inductee Melissa Kirby, 16, left, and little sister Hannah, 7, front.)

(And while we were there, Samantha shared some of her artistic talents with us, showing the exhibit featuring her work on the wall at the school. I must say these girls are some awesome students, even if I'm just a little biased!)

The whole ceremony is on YouTube right now -- although the slide show in part 6 is already banned in Germany and will probably be coming down soon -- so get started with part one at:

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