Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hats off to my hero!

     Peaking in the office door as I arrived at the paper the other night, I saw our computer fixer ace, Production Manager Bob Bennett, hunched over my work station diligently slaving away trying to rectify the technological issue of the day.

     It was a bit like seeing the Grim Reaper waiting for me, because I knew this was anything but good news.

    One of the worst parts of my job is making that occasional late night call to the poor guy after he has left following a full day's work and then some, asking him with my best whiny voice to please come back and save us from the disgrace of having no paper on the stands in the morning. I'm sure he doesn't appreciate receiving that call as much as I appreciate hearing him -- even begrudgingly -- agree to come in, so here's some big, you-saved-our-butts-again kudos to our king of the keyboard, our sultan of systems, our guru of gigabyte: Mr. Bob Bennett. Take a bow, buddy!

     Now get back to fixing that computer so we can get the paper to the press people ...  

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